Ambiguous Technologies: Philosophical Issues,
Practical Solutions, Human Nature

Participants - Extras - Photos

Day 1

1. Ugo Pagallo keynote speech

2. Panel Session 1 (Surveillance: Philosophical Enquiries)

 3. Sylvester Arnab keynote speech

4. Panel Session 1 (From Text to Classroom)

5. Dylan Wittkower, Bruno Gransche and Johnny Soraker enjoying the university reception

6. Traditional academic music (Tuna - in Portuguese)

7. CEPE family ("middle" age and rookies)

8. CEPE family (the wisest)

 9. Professor Iordanis Kavathatzapoulos, Ryoko Asai, Professor Kiyoshi Murata and Hiroshi Koga celebrating CEPE

Day 2

10. Panel Session 3 (Governance and the Policies of Information)

11. Panel Session 4 (A Gender Gap Analysis and Consequences)

12. Rocci Luppicini keynote speech

13. Panel Session 5 (The Onlife Initiative)

14. Panel Session 6 (Roboethics at the Mirror)

15. The speed mentoring event (Professor Jim Moor and Ivana Greguric)

16. The speed mentoring event (Litska Strikwerda and Professor Simon Rogerson)

17. The speed mentoring event (Vanessa Silva and Rocci Luppicini)

18. The speed mentoring event (Olli Heimo and Professor Marty Wolf)

19. The speed mentoring event (Sylvester Arnab and Celestino Morgado)

20. The speed mentoring event (Judith Simon and Julia Knifa)

21. The speed mentoring event (Elizabeth Buchanan and Ryoko Asai)

22. The speed mentoring event (Litska Strikwerda and Ugo Pagallo)

23. The speed mentoring event (Professor Kiyoshi Murata and Piotr Pawlak)

24. The speed mentoring event (Professor Luciano Floridi and Hiroshi Koga)

25. CEPE family (conference dinner)

Day 3

26. A sublime moment in St. Jorge Castle (conference dinner) with Beatriz Morais

 27. A rare moment: Professor Luciano Floridi speechless!

 28. Professor Jim Moor keynote speech

 29. Jean-Gabriel Ganascia invitation to CEPE 2014


30. Elizabeth Buchanan speech (INSEIT board)

31. CEPE facts and figures (Gonçalo Costa)

32. Playing with old technology (Gameboy)? No... CEPE assessment system!

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