Ambiguous Technologies: Philosophical Issues,
Practical Solutions, Human Nature

IS Faqs

Presentation rooms

All rooms will be equipped with hardware (computer, video projector, sound and network connectivity), as well as software (Windows, Office and open source software). If your presentation requires any additional feature, please contact CEPE Organising Committee.


Important note:

Microphones will be only available for auditorium sessions.


Network connectivity

Access to CEPE network it will be quite easy; however to help participants in advance, the Organising Committee acknowledges a step by step explanation for each operating system: Windows; Apple; and, Android. This document has two sections: CEPE network and EDUROAM network (for participants from European universities).


Please bear in mind that such document will be available on the conference package (conference registration period on the 1st day), as well as it will be present an IT professional for assistance.


Important note:

For downloading network connectivity steps click here.


Online streaming

Streaming will only become visible after payment, so attendants need to register and pay before having access. After payment confirmation, a password will be sent by e-mail and attendants just need to click in the chosen option (e.g., day 1 or day 1 and 2 in case of 2 days registrations). Please note, that in options 2 or 3 days, a different password will be assigned and released for each on a daily basis.

Online attendants will have access to a high-quality streaming, i.e., encoded and streamed at a resolution up to 1024x576 and at a minimum of 1000 kbps. The streaming software will be through Ustream (installation not necessary), although a requirement is an updated version of Adobe Flash. In case of watching through mobile platforms, Ustream can be easily downloaded into: (iOS), and (Android).


Important note:

CEPE Organising Committee and Autónoma University of Lisbon will be not responsible or accountable regarding broadband connectivity issues, as well as session streaming will depend on participants’ wiliness.

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