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Traveller Information - About Lisbon

Lisbon is famous by its exceptional light and brightness, and therefore the nickname of “white city”. Its light and climate permits fabulous walks all over the city, as well as its several famed monuments embrace inimitable sensations. Lisbon is the only European capital that gathers beaches and mountains in a range of 20 minutes, which again reinforces its exclusive sensations.

For instance, areas that offer superb experiences are for instance Baixa, Alfama, Bairro Alto or Belém. Baixa involves the city’s traditional shopping where visitors can leisure between dozens of shops with a wide range of temptations, as well as to observe and visit its main arteries, such as Rua Augusta, Terreiro do Paço, Praça do Rossio (Praça Dom Pedro V), or even Chiado (stylish core for the city’s young people, artists and intellectuals).

Alfama is one of the oldest quarters in Lisbon, and keeps its original layout despite the 1755 earthquake. Adjacent to Alfama are other traditional neighbourhoods like Castelo and Mouraria where it is possible to hear fado (traditional Portuguese music). On the top of the hills the churches of São Vicente de Fora and Santa Engrácia are within walking distance of this area.

Bairro Alto is also a most known and attractive sites of the city, since it involves a multiple eclectic and multicultural environment. In there you can find traditional restaurants, cosy bookshops, tea rooms, boutiques attention with funky designs and much more, as for example restaurants, museums and a wide range of design shops

Belém is bounded to the golden age of the Portuguese Discoveries, since it was the place for mythical departures during that period of the Portuguese history. Today it is a spacious green suburb with many gardens, parks and monuments that worthwhile

Parque das Nações is idyllic for all ages, since presently entails the focus of the city’s cultural life. The grounds along the river, frame the facilities at the Parque, including the Pavilhão Atlântico, venue for events and the new Casino Lisbon. Other monuments that that you should not miss are: Oceanário, Pavilhão do Conhecimento and Torre Vasco da Gama.

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